About us

HLI was established in 2000 by Robert Hutchinson and Ian Lilley after working together at Schroder Investment Management Ltd for many years.

Low risk absolute return fund management.

The company is wholly owned by its principals and is independent. It occupies a unique position on the investment spectrum between traditional fund managers and hedge funds.

We are low risk absolute return fund managers. Investment portfolios are balanced. They are diversified across regions, asset classes and instruments and are highly risk controlled. We add value through creative thinking, innovative sourcing of information, discipline and efficiency and we apply these to individual clients on a highly tailored basis.

Meet the partners

Our clients

HLI has no conflicts, no entrenched positions, no favourites and no strategic alliances.

We provide an impartial layer between investors and all other service providers. We select our counterparties solely on our appraisal of their services and prices.

Our only sources of income are investment management and advisory fees for fund management.

We have a high duty of care towards clients.