Regulatory Umbrella Services

HLI provides a fully compliant environment from which clients may undertake regulated activities.

Using HLI’s regulatory umbrella services it is possible to begin undertaking advisory activity as an appointed representative of the firm or to become a full incubatee and engage in discretionary investment management.

The umbrella can be both opened and closed with ease. Clients can therefore make best use of their time regarding their own investment activities and they can concentrate on what they do best.

Our clients

We work closely with clients, not only to understand fully their needs and expectations but also those of their underlying clients too. Our approach is to tailor the solution so that it best suits their requirements rather than to force the client onto one particular model for our own convenience.

We will agree with the client and their legal advisors what structure is right for them and ensure that the correct structure is put in place as efficiently as possible.

Choose the approach that suits

Appointed representatives

This is the simplest arrangement for those clients wishing to take on investment advisory work or to promote their funds before launch in a fully compliant manner. Such an arrangement is governed by statute and will permit the firm to contract in its own name.

Currencies are managed as a separate asset class using an overlay to adjust portfolios’ currency exposure to the reference currency of the client.

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Regulatory incubation

For those clients who wish to undertake the discretionary investment management of their fund we need to provide regulatory incubation to the firm. Under this bespoke arrangement the investment team from the firm is seconded into HLI under a contract for services and they will manage the fund on our behalf.

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We understand the importance of establishing a good track record not only in investment performance for a client but also in compliant behaviour and attitudes with the regulator.

Accordingly, we have engaged the leading compliance consultancy ACA Compliance (Europe) to assist us in ensuring that only the best practices are employed by ourselves and our clients with regards to regulation, and that at all times the underlying client has the full protections and assurances they can expect from an authorised firm.

As we are an active investment manager ourselves ACA Compliance (Europe) also assist us in managing any potential conflict of interest, ensuring that our clients’ intellectual capital is protected too.

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